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As a coach, your client’s success is your top priority

Learn The Breakthrough Coaching Process to help your clients create meaningful and sustainable change

6 Modules

Breakthrough Coaching
is structured into 6 modules

37.5 CCEUs

Available for the
Enhanced Level

Save $1,400

With Early
Bird Pricing


tools included


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Facilitated Practicums


live sessions


Are you ready to handle any client situation?

What if you had a framework for clients to get true, life-changing transformation?

  • Have absolute confidence in your ability to get client results.
  • Know with 100% certainty that your coaching provides value and keep clients coming back.
  • Handle tough conversations masterfully - without reacting, feeling stuck, or avoiding the discomfort necessary for growth.
  • Spark phenomenal client transformations.

You could integrate these practices into what you’re currently doing, starting now

The Breakthrough Coaching Process gives you the framework to have the uncomfortable and tricky conversations required for effective coaching. Confidently deliver the lasting results your clients hired you for.

Why You Need The Breakthrough Coaching Process

“Marcia’s reflective inquiry technique brings clients to the places they’ve been hiding from themselves.”

Dr. Alice D. Ackerman, M.D., M.B.A.

“Training with Marcia helped me become confident and competent in coaching clients to identify and STAY with their breakthroughs, leading to maximum growth as well as increased awareness and action.”

Tasha Walsh, Executive Director & Coach, Team Consultant

Marcia’s methodologies encourage you to challenge yourself so you can coach your clients with a higher level of impact. The value Breakthrough Coaching provides in content and resources is high - but the value of the results you will yield is profound.

What Makes The Breakthrough Coaching Process So Effective For Coaches?

Dr. Marcia Reynolds is recognized by Global Gurus as the #5 coach in the world, and she has trained and coached leaders in 41 countries. She has presented at the Harvard Kennedy School, Cornell University, and endless universities in Europe and Asia.
“Marcia is gifted at honing into a conversation’s underlying current of energy and gracefully bringing it to the surface. She is a remarkable teacher and a masterful coach - highly recommended!

Jennifer Hill, Executive/Corporate/Business/Leadership Coach

“Marcia Reynolds had an profound impact on my development as a coach. She knows exactly what a student coach needs at every moment. I am my best self because of Marcia's influence on my life.”

Dael Waxman MD, Vice Chair, Dept. of Family Medicine

6 Modules

Breakthrough Coaching
is structured into 6 modules

37.5 CCEUs

Available for the
Enhanced Level

Save $1,400

With Early
Bird Pricing


tools included


hours of education




Facilitated Practicums


live sessions


How Will The Breakthrough Coaching Process Change Your Practice?

Instead of being held back by doubt and uncertainty, start challenging clients by encouraging them to rise up and reach their potential.

Deliver the transformation your clients are craving. Discover your courage and self-confidence by mastering these life-changing skills.

Never again wonder, “Can I really say that?”

Marcia has spent decades directly coaching clients and training coaches. Because of this, she knows the struggles and inner conflicts many of us in this industry feel.


Are you challenging
yourself and your
clients enough?


Is fear of
you stop short of
a real breakthrough?


Are you stuck
in your practice,
playing it safe?


Did you do everything
you could for your client?

Youʼre not alone. These barriers keep many talented coaches from reaching their full potential for powerful client results and maximum business success.

When you have the ability to put clients on a path towards complete transformation, they’ll be asking you for more sessions, and refer others as well.

What Is Included
In The Breakthrough
Coaching Program Today?

Each of the 6 modules features 90 minutes of live content, plus a 60-minute Q&A session. The The Enhanced Program Level offers an additional 9 hours of practice sessions.

LIVE Module


LIVE Practice


Habit Builder App





Course Available Resources

You will get exclusive access to the Membership Area. Here you’ll receive all the program tools, recordings and transcripts of all the LIVE sessions, and community access to engage with other coaches in the program.

Who is This Program for?

This is for coaches who want to get over the fear and doubt of confrontation. We will give you a powerful method you can use again and again to challenge your clients to reach their full potential.
This is for coaches at any level who want to deliver powerful client transformations.
If you want to be more effective by having the confidence to challenge your clients without offending or resistance - this method will revolutionize your ideas of what you can accomplish with your practice.
This is not for people who have not at least started a coaching course.
This is not for coaches who are completely satisfied with their results and success rate.
This is not for coaches who like to play it safe and sell encouragement and motivation instead of true, life-changing transformation.

Modules Overview

Module 1: The Science of Learning: The power of awareness-focused coaching

  • Identify transformational coaching practices and the impact they have on clients.
  • Clarify the meaning and use of Reflective Inquiry to get quick and life-changing results.
  • Begin to integrate essential practices and mental habits of Reflective inquiry to elevate the effectiveness of your coaching.

Module 2: Developing a Coaching Mindset: Aligning body, mind, and spirit in preparation for Coaching

  • Use self-awareness and intuition to enhance your presence.
  • Develop your ability to regulate emotions especially when your fear or judgment is triggered.
  • Integrate your mental development with the application of your coaching skills to elevate the effectiveness of your coaching.

Module 3: Coaching the Person, not the Problem: Making coaching a mind-changing experience

  • Define the value of coaching the person, not their problem to help in sales, contracting, and coaching results.
  • Practice skills in receiving what clients offer with their words, expressions, and energetically.
  • Begin implementing a toolbox of reflective practices to both simplify and enhance your impact when coaching.

Module 4: Goaltending: What does your client really want?

  • Cut through the story and pare down options to clarify a clear destination for the coaching session.
  • Use reflective statements and visualizing to flip problems or confusion in the present to what is possible in the future.
  • Recognize shifts in the outcome and present observations to clients. Then invite them to choose or shift direction.

Module 5: Brain Hacking: Coaching the story

  • Identify when and how to transition from horizontal to vertical coaching so clients see their dilemmas differently and change their stories real-time.
  • Understand and use discomfort and emotional reactions to effectively rewire thinking and expand consciousness.
  • Regulate your reactions when coaching to maintain safety, including your ability to adapt to different personality and cultural styles.

Module 6: New and Next: Clarifying insights and commitments

  • Recognize emotional shifts that indicate the client has a new awareness, and then coach the client to articulate what is emerging or now known.
  • Wrap up sessions effectively, giving clients a satisfied sense of progress toward their outcome and completion with the session.
  • End by giving clients a sense of positive possibility even if they need time to think before moving forward.

Everyone who purchases Breakthrough Coaching gets access to the 6 live modules, but if you want to elevate your experience with some practice sessions, extra CCEUs, Exclusive Habit Builder App*, and more, we highly recommend the Enhanced Program Level. Check out the full details below!

Enhanced Bonus:

Unlock the Exclusive Habit Builder

Enhanced members of Breakthrough
Coaching receive access to
the Exclusive Habit Builder!

Exclusive Habit Builder App combines technology
and behavior science to keep you accountable to
your habits.

Implement key learnings faster with your personal
access to this commitment-management software. Turn lessons
into positive habits and create your own breakthrough moments.

Habit builder
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Breakthrough Coaching
Program Pricing Options

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Hours of Live - Virtual Sessions
Number of Modules
Number of Handouts, Tools & Activity Sheets
Audio & Video Recordings of all Sessions with Transcripts & Executive Notes
Access To Coach Community via Facebook
Slide Downloads of Each Session
Pre-Designed Session Workbook
Curated Research Articles
6 Pre-Recorded Coaching Demos
90 minute Live-Virtual, Practicum Sessions (arranged by your coaching level)
Exclusive Habit Builder App
Pre Qualification for Marcia's Breakthrough Coaching Certification


Breakthrough Coaching Program with Marcia Reynolds

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24 Hours
37.5 (32 CCs & 5.5 RDs)
6 Modules


Breakthrough Coaching Program with Marcia Reynolds

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15 Hours
22.5 (17 CCs & 5.5 RDs)
6 Modules

Have Questions?
We're Available!

If you have any trouble registering email bcsupport@wbecs.com, book a call here, or contact us at +1 415 228 6857.

30 - Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that Breakthrough Coaching will revolutionize your coaching style. That’s why we are offering a 30-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied after 30 days from the start date of your program, October 19th, email bcsupport@wbecs.com and we will fully refund your payment.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need any training or experience to take this program?

If you want to be a better coach, this program is for you! We will concentrate on the practical application of coaching, so it is ideal to have some foundational coach training and real-world experience.

I'm already a coach. Why do I need this program?

Even experienced coaches fear the reactions they may trigger if they go too deep with clients and don’t know how to use reflective statements effectively to continue the conversation. This program will give them the tools for creating transformational moments even in the most uncomfortable situations.

How is Breakthrough Coaching different from other programs?

Although many other programs offer similar pieces taught in this one, this online program pulls them together into a cohesive strategy to give coaches the ability to use reflective inquiry to simply and quickly manifest profound results.

Reflective inquiry truly changes minds and ensures long-term behavioral change; it rewires the brain. It is based in years of research and application, giving the program an evidenced-based foundation.

What is the difference between Core and Enhanced?

The Core level offers 9 hours of live training spread out over 6 modules. Each module also includes a Q&A session and a portion of self-study time for reading and homework. You will have access to tools, slides, and a workbook with assignments.

The Enhanced offers all of the above, PLUS additional 6 hours of practice sessions. You will also have access to bonus reading materials and 6 pre-recorded coaching demos. On top of that, you’ll receive access to the Exclusive Habit Builder App - helping you turn lessons into positive habits and create your own breakthrough moments.

Will I get CCEUs for completing Breakthrough Coaching?

Yes! Core members will receive 22.5 CCEUs and Enhanced members will receive 37.5 CCEUs.

About Marcia Reynolds

Dr. Marcia Reynolds is the president of Covisioning LLC. A pioneer in the coaching profession, Marcia was the 5th global president of the International Coaching Federation.

Currently, she is the training director for the Healthcare Coaching Institute in North Carolina. She is also on the faculty of coaching schools in Russia, The Philippines, and China. Outside of the schools, Marcia teaches Leader as Coach classes to organizations around the world, consulting with them to build coaching cultures.

Marcia is recognized by Global Gurus as the #5 coach in the world. In addition to training and consulting, Marcia coaches executives globally and teaches her programs for agencies of the National Institutes of Health. She has trained and coached leaders in 41 countries and has presented at a number of prestigious institutions, such as the Harvard Kennedy School, Cornell University, and additional universities in Europe and Asia.


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